How you can Upload Papers Relating to a Project in HammerTech

The Papers module in HammerTech permits users to upload documents relating to a job. These paperwork are visible to all members of a team with appropriate permissions. They can also be distributed to clients.

Uploading docs is a great way to add project-related information. This could include qualifications on a task, economic advancement agreements, or maybe even equipment records. However , it is important to learn how to choose the best format to your files. We recommend that you research the different alternatives before beginning.

You are able to upload an individual report or multiple files. Also you can use a file-tag to indicate where a document has been posted. For example , you may create a marking for “Sales Proposal” or perhaps “Equipment Documentation”.

Documents may be stored in impair safe-keeping. A cloud storage professional can allow you to gain access to the documents from anywhere. To publish documents, click the Upload option in the leading right part of the display screen.

Once you have a document, you are able to edit their details. You can also get options to enable versioning and place privileges designed for specific users.

When you publish a doc, you are automatically assigned a version number. You can also delete older versions. If you would like to see just how versions contain changed, you can examine out the history.

Alternatively, you can go to the administration webpage and make document groups. Document different types allow you to organize your documents. Adding a category can be useful when you want to quickly find an appropriate document.

How you can Upload Papers Relating to a Project in HammerTech
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