About of JMF:
The “JMF” Join Moral Foundation is a nonprofit social organization that is juristic entity for only civil social public benefit utility in around any field of education, culture, health, environment, sport, science, merit, gender equality, human right, peaceful and others. The JMF is established with the Decree on the Association and Foundation No: 149/PM, dated: 19th May, 2011, Vientiane Municipality adopted by the prime minister of the Lao P.D.R.
Refer to the establishment adoption of JMF No: 251/MOI, dated: 7th May, 2013 issued by the Ministry of Interior of Lao P.D.R, included 8 main objectives and consisted of 7 chapters, 38 articles.
The JMF is fundamentally established of kindness spirit and humanity, aiming to voluntarily help the society by peaceful and also act as representative or linked bridge among the domestic and oversea people with fund that wish to help the poor, disadvantaged and shortage people in the social aid center in all around Lao P.D.R 
JMF Join hands to lead happiness, solve poverty, and promote sustainable and peaceful development
Ultimate Goal
1.Healthy Promotion Center for healing by nutrition from natural
2.Moral and Cultural Promotion Center for training of courtesy, ethics, life goal, life skills, gender equality and human right
3.Profession Center for training the professions to who disadvantaged
4.Media Center for disseminate the history of Lao leaders / Heroes and ancestor by young media maker for new generation
5.Donation Center for who be shortage, disaster and poor people
6.Sport Promotion Center for healthy, competition and avoid drug used
7.Education Promotion Center for promotion of reading and smart learning in community
8.Helping and Healing Center for orphan and elderly people who Lack of housing
Helping the needy does not help the elderly to develop a spirit of service to Lao society
Moral Reminder
1. Let it be cool enough. Do not apologize, but ask for a solution.
2. Sincere, Transparent, Attentive, Responsible “STAR
Oath of allegiance
1. Help people on the basis of kindness
2. Have faith, honesty, sincerity
3. Be transparent, attentive and responsible
4. Be prudent in carrying out the work
5. Be like a bridge to help the whole Lao people

Administrative Committee Board​

1. ທ່ານ ສຸວັນນະພອນ ພົມສະຫວັດ
1. Mr. Souvannaphone PHOMSAVAT
2. ທ່ານ ມະນີວົງ ເທບສະຫວັນ
2. Mr. Manivong THEPSAVANH
3. Miss Sengchan PHOMASAVATH


Mr. Phoutthasen VONGXAY General Secretary
Miss Khampalien Nengmuavang silichan Head of Project Management and Fundraising

Project Manager

Miss Louknam THIDALATH VONGSILI Project Steering Committee for the Poor and Disadvantaged


1. Miss Seokham Lemvanh Secretary Office
2. Mr.Bounsong Keoboasay IT
3. Miss Liw Phiwvanna Academic Cultivate
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